Laser Safety Warning supports the safe and legal use of laser devices by the general public. These devices are very popular. Low-powered laser pointers are widely used for purposes such as presentations, classroom science teaching, astronomy education and pet "chasing" toys. Higher-powered lasers are popular with hobbyists and experimenters -- the same type of people who enjoy working with computers, electronics, cars and other technical devices.

Our laser safety policy is as follows:

We support each nation's laws regarding importation and use of lasers.

We support worldwide laser safety standards developed by IEC, ANSI and other groups. They have divided lasers into four main Classes, based on their hazard. We educate our buyers about these hazards:

    * Our website contains extensive safety information, warnings and links.
    * Every laser we sell comes with safety information appropriate for the laser's Class.

We have also gone beyond legal requirements:

    * Free certified laser goggles are included on select products.
    * For purchase of Class 4 lasers, we require buyers to sign a Laser Hazard Acknowledgement Form, and to provide [age verification/government-issued photo ID] before purchasing. In addition, during the ordering process, buyers must check off that they have read each of eight hazard warnings.
Lasers are similar to other tools. For example, there is a huge variety of cutting devices, from penknives to kitchen knives to swords. Most of these are used safely, everyday, by the general public. Certainly some cutting devices, such as sharp working swords, are so potentially hazardous that purchase and use controls are reasonable. However, just because some cutting devices are misused does not mean that an entire class of tool should be banned. Similarly, just because a few persons misuse lasers, does not mean that all laser pointers and general-use lasers should be banned. supports the responsible sale and safe use of lasers. We want to work with governments and private groups to increase safety, and to improve the reasonable and responsible use of lasers.